What happens after 1.5bar?

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Thu May 1 23:42:45 EDT 2003


The ECU doesn't know what gear you're in, it knows the load you're applying
on the engine instead. And air flow is the same and it doesn't matter what
gear you're in, BTDT, and IMHO/IME, you should get lower boost in 1st/2nd
gears than in 3rd/4th BTST too. You can go for a drive and see if you get
the cut-off easier in 2nd than in 5th, then you'll know...

I think you have a serious boost leak issue, or a dead bypass valve...



At 13:29 1/05/2003 -0700, Mike Miller wrote:
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>From: "Mihnea Cotet" <mik at info.fundp.ac.be>
> > Yes, there is a maxMAF map in the chips, it's a 5 by 1 points map, thus 5
> > MAF values for 5 RPM points, 2-3-4-5-6k RPM. When the actual MAF value
> > exceeds the programmed value, then comes into play a second map that looks
> > about the same but has lower values, thus lower air flow, which equals to
> > the issue of not being able to have boost exceeding a certain level until
> > the leak is fixed, or the maxMAF values raised.
> >
> > HTH,
> > Mihnea
>This is interesting, How does it "know" what gear I am in? I would assume
>that I am flowing a lot more air at 3k rpm and 1.3 bar in 1st or 2nd than I
>am at 2k rpm in 4th or 5th. Yet, the over boost cutoff always kicks in right
>at 1.3 bar on the gauge. Can hold 1.2 in any gear, just can't exceed it.
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