Fuel Pump Removal

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu May 1 19:49:30 EDT 2003

I couldn't get the pump and its carrier out of the part that remains in the
tank without the tool and a wrench.

Others have reported that they were able to extract just wearing leather
gloves.   Pump basket has to twist a bit (if you look carefully, I think
you can see the outlines of the detent and the path to it on the outside of
the retainer) and then it comes out easily.

At 03:06 PM 05/01/2003 -0700, Derek Pulvino wrote:
>Do I really need the 3914 or whatever it's called to get the fuel pump out
>of the tank?  I've opened up the tank, removed the sending unit and all
>that, and can see the pump, just not sure from here.
>According to what I read on Chris Miller's site, no can do without the
>special tool.  Has anybody pulled this off without?  I seems to recall some
>hammer and screwdriver type solutions, or maybe that was for the top cap
>Oh, and glad I ran that tank down to the "not much time left levell;" won't
>even get gas on my hands!
>Derek P
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