Fuel Pump Removal

Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at hotmail.com
Thu May 1 20:58:20 EDT 2003

Well, add me to that list as well.  That being the list of people removing
and reinstalling the fuel pump w/out the tool.  Hands are a little soar, but
it's all back together.  On reinstall actually wound up reaching through the
ski sack and down to get better leverage.

Hopefully my warm starting problems are gone.  Did notice some loose pieces
inside the end piece on the fuel pump such as a spring and a plastic stopper
type thing.  As to the check valve, the whole reason I was in there, it was
just a hollow tube at this point.  Maybe that's were the pieces in the end
piece (whatever it's called) came from.

Come see our band, Stella Rossa;

>I was able to replace my fuel pump without the tool and just twisted it by
>hand with sturdy rubber gloves.  sjmautotechnik.com sells the tool for a
>reasonable price.
>Greg Bird
>90 200tq

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