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> Yes, over the years several on this list have expressed great success with
> one or two machine shops that have developed the tooling to machine UFOs.
> Maybe it was real, but never documented with before and after runout
> measurements.  But I have absolutely no faith in the average brake shop's
> brake lathe to accurately machine conventional rotors.  I have measured
> with
> dial indicator the runout of these lathe hubs.  0.005 to 0.010" runout at
> the hub, which translates 3X at the rotor OD.  Ask first when the lathe was
> last calibrated, and to see the corrected results.  The response is always:
> Huh??

 If you want UFO's turned take them to a real machine shop. One that does
industrial equipment not automotive. These are the kinds of shops that dont
have to develop anything, they already have the required tooling on the
shelf. More benefits, they dont use brake lathes, they use big industrial
lathes built 30 years ago that weigh in at around 5 tons and guys that can
set a lathe up to shave a hair off a flea's ass without leaving stubble.

 I had mine turned this way. The lathe used had a head that measured in at
around 36" and the guy running it looked like he started working in a
blacksmiths shop around the turn of the century. My before and after runout
check was easy, before: brutal vibration, after: smooth sailing for 30 months
and 4 sets of pads. Cost: $110 for the pair.


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