Stalling 200 20V

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Fri May 2 02:37:29 EDT 2003

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My sedan does that.
But I usually coast in gear to about 1500 then depress clutch to avoid it (my
10V did that often).
Peter and I just had a discussion on this yesterday.
I thought ISV, Peter showed good belief it was the by pass valve (behind pass
head light), which sounds similar to what Audi found at their testing site.
-Scott in BOSTON HTH

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Subject: Intermittant stall on coast-down
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 14:30:42 -0700

I have a '91 200 which has begun to intermittantly stall as engine
approaches idle rpm in coast-down situations (i.e., braking with clutch in).
Promptly restarts by letting out clutch (if car still moving), or by using
starter.  Engine is fully warmed-up when this happens.

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