fellow wagon/avant owners: antenna problem?

Dave Priebe dkpriebe at attbi.com
Thu May 1 23:54:08 EDT 2003

The antennas on AntennaWorld are made by Fuba who was the OEM. I have
been very pleased with the quality, as it is essentially the same as the
original other than the base (square versus round).

Dave Priebe
Kenmore, WA
91 200tqa 169k his
95.5 S6 106k hers

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Thanks to all who responded and this may be useful FYI to others...

I received a number of replies on this issue.  They all point to the
antenna amplifier; a separate component from the whip and the base.  The
amp I'm informed is available from antennaworld.com.

from Audi parts dept.:
   p/n     3a0-051-849    mast (w/o carphone) $40.25
   p/n     4a9-051-503    base and cable      $265.00
   p/n     445-035-225    amplifier           $403.65

from AntennaWorld.com (not OE so can't tell about fitness and
# 1 & 2 together are $65
#3 the amplifier is $20

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I have also never had decent reception in my car, I have a clarion head
and stock antenna, I am not sure which causes the poor reception and
done anything about it although it's "on the list" let me know if you
any breakthroughs.. I have heard that the antenna is amplified and
of that could cause it... but I may be misinformed.

so...yes I have the same problem...no I can't help

Joshua Cummings

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