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Phil Rose pjrose at
Fri May 2 11:10:41 EDT 2003

At 6:22 AM -0700 5/2/03, Mark Martens wrote:
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>I have recently purchased a 1990 200QT and have a question on the
>radio.  It is the stock Bose System with the Delta radio.  It works
>fine, however, it doesn't turn off when I turn off the key.  I have
>to manually turn off the radio.  Is there something quick and easy I
>need to do to get it to go off with ignition shut-down.

Mark, your car's radio shut-off (mis)behavior is a normal and
much-discussed Audi "feature". Some love it, others (like me) hate
it--especially hated it during the time when the' 91 200q Bose system
was a potential fireball (btw, make sure your "new" Audi has had the
rear-speaker recall done!!!). I've learned to live with it and even
find it useful--but very infrequently. Others--many of whom have
replaced their Bose system with aftermarket receivers and
speakers--can probably describe wiring alternatives you can do.


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