Banjo Bolt R&R and Mechanic Prices

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Fri May 2 10:06:30 EDT 2003

> Rakesh
> Something to remember:    whether the mechanic works on a A4 or a 200tq
> his time is money and he deserves to be paid.
> What  you are  getting is the experience to get the job done. The age
> and value of a auto does not make it cheaper to work on.
> I used to own a bicycle shop and continually had to explain to customers
> that a repair is the same whether it is on a $2K bike or a Wal Mart special.
> Most of the time the crappy bike took longer to fix and needed to be
> charged more.
> This list allows us to attempt to do the repairs required on the finicky
> beasts we chosen to drive and sometimes it is necessary to pay the piper
> to do a job outside our abilities.
> Chuck
> 91 200tq Avant Slowly getting sorted out, but with new 16" V8 wheels!!!!!
> Rakesh Brennig wrote:
>> The final report of installing the high pressure hydraulic hose (pump to
>> rack) is in:
>> 1h 30min to R&R the hose -- $102
>> Engine Wash -- $20
>> The normal time to RR this hose is 1 hour so - 30 extra minutes to deal with
>> a damaged bolt is accecptable.  I had though envisioned taking a skilled
>> mechanic no more than an hour to do this.  I am just glad to no longer be
>> lubricating parking lots with Pentosin. The engine wash was pricey and not
>> needed.  When I pointed this out the mechanic removed it from my bill.
>> Boulder has such a high concentration of Audi's and three or four excellent
>> Audi specialists, that I am assuming the market clears to a fair price -
>> just a terribly high price with respect to the value of a 200. Now if I had
>> an A4 the shop rate would be in a better perspective.
>> Thanks again to you list stalwats.
>> Rakesh
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Thank you Chuck, I meant no slight to a skilled workers everywhere  -
espcially on May Day - what was I thinking! After all, I was once employed
in the skilled service industry.

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