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Cables stretch Phil, and the cables you get aren't all created equal.  If the problem "comes up" that really has nothing to do with a previous install.  Remember, when you install new cables, the adjustment is "out" (more lead), so over time, with stretch, the adjustment goes "in".  No one can say if cables were installed/adj improperly expost facto, it's a point in time reference.  I've done dozens of these installs over the years, and some need major adjustment, some need none.

What is consistent, is when there is a problem noticed by a owner, it's always related to either bad cables or bad rear calipers (or one causing the other).  Rarely is "adjustment" only needed.  One of the main reasons for this R&R (another audi avoided recall) is that the return spring for the rear calipers has been upgraded to a stiffer one with new calipers.


Scott Justusson
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> Scott, I have to disagree. A reason to adjust "at the handle" is if,
> previously, an incompetent tech (or PO) had installed new cables and
> failed to adjust properly. Some 2nd, 3rd or 4th owners of a
> 12-yr old
> car might find themselves in that situation.
> Phil

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