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FYI even production cable lengths do vary, and there is a right and a left,
and v8's will mount in 200's, a lot of problems with only a couple mm
difference.  YMMappearedtohaveV cuz AT install the cables weren't adjusted
(at all/properly).  I personally haven't ever seen that, even from dealer
cars, cuz it's part of the R&R of cables and any ebrake type service.  I
suppose now that we have more DIYers amongst the crew, I just might now see 1
or 2.

I thought my post was pretty clear that I'm assuming the proper install
procedure.  Expost facto of "proper install", I believe we agree on my point.


Scott Justusson

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pjrose at frontiernet.net writes:

My mileage _did_ vary. My car, as  purchased at 98K, came with the
cable adjusted very tightly so that when the brake-handle was fully
down, one caliper released completely yet the lever on the other side
was still slightly actuated. Then, if that "grabbing" lever was
forced over to its stop, the  cable immediately pulled on  the
_other_ caliper. Like a "see-saw". Possibly the cables were the wrong
size, I don't know, but a couple of turns on the adjuster loosened it
enough to permit both calipers to release at the same time (i.e.,
work better).


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