What is this?

Richard Tanimura Richard at Tanimuras.com
Sat May 3 18:44:43 EDT 2003

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That is amazing. I just went out and it fits perfectly around the pump

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  From the looks of the pic, I would guess that to be the trim piece that
sits on the back of the rear timing belt cover.  Specifically I believe that
piece actually surrounds the opening of the water pump in the back cover.
I'm with the thinking that this has nothing to do with your oil leak.  As a
rule v "gaskets" are trim only, and are only for helping keep the elements
out of a specific area on the engine and to prevent vibration noises.


  Scott Justusson
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knotnook at traverse.com writes:

  At 11:14 AM 05/03/2003 +0200, Richard Tanimura wrote:
  >I found this broken gasket while changing my timing belt and v-belts on
  >3B (I5 type motor)
  >It's 80 mm in diameter = 3 in. If you slice throught the gasket, it has a
  >"V" cross section. There are traces of caked oil on it. All I know is
  >I discovered it, my car leaks oil.
  >Where does it come from? Can it be the reason for my oil leak?

  Don't recognize the seal, but did the engine leak oil before you did the
  timing belt?  If not, did you put a thread sealant on the longer bolts
  hold the back cover onto the block?  Failure to seal the threads on some
  those bolts can lead to a leak.


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