tubular EM source 20vt

Mihnea Cotet mik at info.fundp.ac.be
Sat May 3 23:53:24 EDT 2003

Speaking of a custom tubular EM, a guy I know of is trying to make a group
buy on a batch of custom made manifolds for the 20vt engines, which could
of course be used in place of the original one. The price for 20 pcs is
about 900 Euro and we're trying to see how many interested people there
could be. The EM will be available with whatever flange you want, either
K24/26 or K27 (a la sport quattro) or whatever Garrett hot side. This guy
has left his car at the shop for a week in order to have one manifold made,
then we'll be able to post pictures and give pricing vs. quantity. There
are already 6 confirmed orders, how many would there be on the other side
of the pond? I'm not meaning to disturb Martin's possible run either...



At 16:00 3/05/2003 -0400, Ingo D. Rautenberg wrote:
>Ha!  Like there wouldn't be any interest -- it isn't April 1st now, is it?
>Any idea on pricing, etc?
>And wouldn't you want to do just one to make sure it fits right before
>making any batches of three or more?
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> > Speaking of...
> >
> > Would there be any interest in Exhaust header that would be a direct
> > replacement for the stock manifold?
> > Allowing to keep stock downpipe and all the related turbo piping.
> >
> > I have one in works and was wondering if I should make a run of more than
> > or so ;)
> >
> > Thanks
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