How do I tell for sure what model I have

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At 8:22 AM -0700 5/3/03, Mark Martens wrote:
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>I have just purchased a 1990 200QT and I need to know how to tell if
>it is the 10V or 20V model for the purpose of purchasing parts.Thanks

On which continent are you located? If N. America, the chances are
excellent that it will _not_ have a 20V engine as none with 20V
engine were sold here in 1990 by Audi. The 200q20V cars were sold
here _only_ in the 1991 model year.  Easiest way to tell the 20V
engine is look for a black plastic cover along the top/center over
the sparkplugs. The cover should have "20V turbo" in nice big
letters. Also an aluminum, cross-flow intake manifold dominates along
the top (driver side) of the engine. Numerous other differences, too.
The body for 1991, as you probably know, is fairly distinctive too
(at least to us), with its flaired wheel arches. I suppose you could
have a 1990 that was imported privately from Europe with 20V engine.
Or someone here could have done a transplant.

In fact, here's a picture or two of the engine:
(the 40" cheater pipe and gallon of washer fluid are optional extras)


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