Declining Oil Pressure

Bernie Benz b.benz at
Sat May 3 19:06:24 EDT 2003

Gary,  You mean "end of perceived problem", what ever reality that was!
Another non-issue, IMO.

The oil pressure sender and switches sense the oil pressure down stream of
the filter and cooler components, at the pressurized oil distribution
galleries.  The flow required to build up a specific pressure at this point
is SOLEY dependent upon down stream conditions, bearing clearances, ect.
The positive displacement pump must be producing this flow volume or the
pressure will not there develop, independent of filter and cooler pressure
drop. (Further, the filter has an internal bypass valve which will limit
filter pressure drop, and the pump has a shunt bypass valve to limit peak
pump pressure.)

Low oil pressure is good! (Max. oil flow means max. bearing cooling) No oil
pressure is bad!  Rely on our dual idiot lite system, and just drive the


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> What kind of oil filter are you using?  I had a similar problem. Took out
> the Fram, put in Mann...end of problem.
> Gary Martin
> 94 UrS4
> 91 200 TQA
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>> Hi again.  don't know if my first transmission went through so here goes.
>> My oil pressure gauge shows good oil pressure on start up, but then the
> oil
>> pressure declines while driving to work ~ 15 miles.  The pressure settles
>> around 2 bar while driving and idle is around 1.8 bar.  Am I loosing oil
>> pressure or is this sensor faulty?

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