Mufflex system

Steve Hackett sbhack at
Sun May 4 10:11:19 EDT 2003

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Recently visited Mufflex in Trenton NJ for a custom exhaust system.
The 3hr trip back to CT was flawless and enjoyable.  Basically quiet - some
noticeable minor howling at about 2000rpm but otherwise quiet.  Pickup seems
better, system is essentially a 'straight-thru' setup with individual units up
front for each pipe and a 2x2 unit at the rear, had them duplicate the tips
using the slightly larger diameter.
Cost was $770, OE replacement setup would have been about $1300(w/o labor).
Both my mufflers were rotted good so I needed to do something.
I went with a cat-back system, cats are still good (only 88k), but he has done
turbo-back systems (pictures look sweet).
All 304 stainless and with a lifetime warranty.  No prefab here as in Stebro
or BN-Pipes, they start at the front and build it back.[1]


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