Stiff clutch pedal = failing clutch?

Jacob Michaels jalexmichaels at
Sun May 4 21:31:35 EDT 2003

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No problem; I thought I had also deleted the digest from my message before I
sent it out. Oops.

Thanks for the clarification about the type of clutch in the 200q20v.  I have
not yet got the Bently's and I just now ressurrected the water-damaged owner's
manual Scott in Boston generously sent me.

Thanks for humoring a 200q20v neophyte.

Jacob in Portland, OR 1987.5 cpe gt, 200q20v
>From: Kneale Brownson
>To: "Jacob Michaels" , 200q20v at
>Subject: Re: Stiff clutch pedal = failing clutch?
>Date: Sun, 04 May 2003 08:35:28 -0400
>Sorry for MY failure to include the list in my message about NOT
>sending the whole digest. Thought I'd hit the individual reply
>icon. Didn't look at the "to" list myself.

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