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Derek Pulvino dbpulvino at
Sun May 4 19:03:34 EDT 2003

Thought everybody might find it interesting that I was able to fix the
display on my home CD changer using techniques and ideas I got from this
list and my 200 ownership.

The display was intermitent on my CD player for a while, and then just died.
  Knowing the best way to design a circuit with a mind for efficiency would
have one ground or so, I figured it was probably a bad ground.  So today,
opened the thing up, and wouldn't you know I foung two bad/cracked solders
between the LCD and the PC board.  Resoldered, and sure enough back to
square one.

Anybody remeber those pesky jumping speedo needles?

...and now I don't need to count what song I'm trying to go to!

Derek P

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