Parking Brake Cable Adjust

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I'm with Bernie on this one..

I'm one of the folks that has rebuilt a set rear calipers on one car and replaced a set with rebuilt ones on the other.

I think that upgraded springs will only delay and mask the real issue - which is that the either the grease in the ebrake mechanism cavity fails and dries out  or rawhide seal around the shaft fails.  I took the rear calipers from a 170k Mile New England  200 apart (read salted roads) and found the following: Rust in the ebrake mechanism cavity AND in the bleeder. Took them apart, cleaned them up, put waterproof synthetic brake grease in the cavity- the brake mechanism returns easily even W/O the spring.

For the Shop owner, as yourself, it probably makes no sense to rebuild the calipers for customers. (especially since re-assembly of the caliper piston spring and cage are SO much fun.  NOT)

Btw, Frank Amoroso had posted previously that this was indeed a rawhide seal and not an o-ring.

I've seen "quality" rebuilt rears (such as those from Morse) only last a few years in this climate...which makes me wonder about the thoroughness of the rebuild.

Here's a good reference site for the audi rear calipers:
Here's one that I hastily put together  (and the ONLY one that I have seen showing the caliper internals):

I'm ccing Kaptain Krusty (aka John Larson, 90 20v lister and shop owner to get his input )

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>Just FYI Bernie, audi/Girling agrees with Phil here.  If you get *new*
>girling 36 or 38 rear from audi or aftermarket, the spring is larger/stiffer
>than what came on the car originally, or what rebuilders don't replace (they
>sure paint it nice tho).
>I personally think rebuilding rears is a complete waste of good Nascar TV
>time.  When watching DE2, better and more rewarding time is spent doing R&R
>on seat heater pads.  Spend a couple hours (or have your mechanic spend a
>couple hours) on a rear rebuild, someone will be back there sooner than

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