Stiff clutch pedal = failing clutch?

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at
Mon May 5 16:35:21 EDT 2003

From: "Jacob Michaels" <jalexmichaels at>
To: knotnook at, 200q20v at

One BTDT.  I had exactly these experiences with my avant, 130K miles.  The
clutch pedal was stiff but functional and the pedal did not return fully to
the stop.  I thought clutch master but it was "new".  The paid mechanic who
did the prebuy, 3,000 miles from home said it was a slave cyl.  I did it,
wrong!  It was in fact the clutch.  A new clutch later and it is like
butter.  I have never experienced a failing Audi clutch so I had no BTDT.
The clutch was worn to the rivets and the flywheel had to be resurfaced
further adding to the cost.  It was machined with no lost reference pins for
$80 so I think I won that one.  Scott J gets the spot on diagnosis award.
Poorer but wiser.

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