spotting- PCA/Lime Rock last weekend

Brandon Hull Hull at
Mon May 5 13:20:54 EDT 2003

I thought that might be your's!  I missed the photo opp of a lifetime:
walking to the driver's meeting, that 200 had a dead Cardinal imbedded
in the grill in such a comical way I was sure it had to be a gag.  But
no, upon inspection, some poor male Cardinal had been 86'd by the grill
of the Audi.

Sorry we couldn't chat Brett, I didn't see you around much aside from
the flag station.  Did you stay for the races?

All the best,


> Okay- who was the guy with the gold 200q20v at LRP this last weekend
> for the PCA DE and races?  Parked in the paddock, right in front of
> the tower, seemed to be with the crew with the rig next to it(forget
> what group.)

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