Low oil pressure 200 20V

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Mon May 5 13:30:52 EDT 2003

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>> Why apparently is the list hung up on an illigical desire for high
>> oil pressure?  Nonsensical IMO.
> For my part its because I'm stuck a statement by Jack Roush. paraphrased:
> "It takes 5psi per 1000rpm to ensure enough oil is supplied to bearings to
> ensure an adequate bearing film and cooling for the valve springs. At least
> 10psi per 1000 if that engine is used in Motorsport."
I hope for your sake that it is just your paraphrasing that is wrong, and
not that of your quoted expert.  Pressure in of itself does not insure a
specific flow volume, but is the result of same.  Pressure developed across
a flow resistance is the result of flow through that specific flow
resistance.  Ohm's Law!

> I submit that Jack
> Roush forgot more about internal combustion engines in the last 5 minutes
> than you or I will ever know.
Too bad about Jack's fading memory.

> After all the work he did making some of the
> worst oiling engines ever built live through 1000 miles races he should know
> more.
I wouldn't "should" poor Jack's knowledge base!

> Bernie, I understand your flow vs pressure logic but I'm not willing to
> accept oil pressure losses the way you seem to be.  With the tight clearances
> in these engines pressure is required to have any flow.
I did say "Low oil pressure is good, No oil pressure is bad."  We agree!

> Given that the cams dont use bearings the last thing I want is a pressure
>problem eating a head and possibly breaking a cam, btdt.
I will not give you that incorrect statement, "Given that the cams dont use
bearings".  Aluminum is a totally adiquate bearing material for the
application, but like any friction bearing, the cam journals require an oil
supply.  I hope that you have been following the "stuck check valve"
references in this thread.

> When these cars were new they showed a
> certain amount of pressure, I want as close to that as I can get. My car
> pushes nearly 5 bar just off idle when hot and running 5w30 synthetic.  That
> tells me my pump and bearing clearances are still tight. If I see a drop in
> pressure I wanna know why, immediately. A filter that causes me to lose
> pressure is a defective filter, period. A  sensor that starts giving bad
> readings needs to be replaced, period. An engine that cant hold a fair
> percentage of its original oil pressure needs work, period.
> Now please explain something to the list......... How is it that you are
> dead set against using a key in your door so you preserve $30 in potmetal,
Don't wrongly prejudge my motives.  Mine was convience, 3 Audis, 1 key.
> and are so worried about a minuscule alignment problem that you design a
> strut brace to correct it,
"Worried" is your perception.
> but are apparently willing to ignore possible oil problems?
"Possible oil problems" is also your perception, not mine.
> Just curious,
and nit picking with little substance.
> Keith

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