What happens after 1.5bar?

Sullivan, Alan alan.sullivan at lmco.com
Mon May 5 16:39:21 EDT 2003


I went through precisely the same thing -- even had the dealer troubleshoot
it for EIGHT hours to no avail. I thought it was electrical or fuel system

I found it purely by happenstance -- the problem was a loose clamp on the
metal boost pipe that runs into the bottom of the intercooler.  What would
happen is that the initial 1.5 Bar "push" would dislodge the pipe from its
seat on the intercooler inlet, resulting in violent bucking, followed by
more bucking at lower levels of boost (1.1 -1.3 Bar).  This would go on
until the natural positioning the components would gently reseat the pipe
onto the intercooler inlet seat -- usually after the car was shut off and
sat for a while.  Then I'd pussyfoot it around up to around 1.4 Bar with no
difficulty, until the first time I whacked the accelerator.

This clamp is a pain to get to.  However, you can verify the problem by
getting under the front of the car and pulling on the metal inlet pipe to
see if it moves separately from the intercooler.  If the pipe moves, it's
the clamp.


From: Dave <morpheus0213 at yahoo.com>
Subject: What happens after 1.5bar?
Fellow Listers,

After the turbo produces 1.5bar pressure what happens?
 I'm trying to pinpoint my violent bucking problem, it
seems as though when I get to 1.5bar the car will
violently buck.  I'm guessing it's electrical because
it seems to continue happening even when it doesn't
reach 1.5 after the initial instance.  I am leading
towards the ECU for that reason guessing that it must
be reset to continue normally until 1.5 is reached
again.  Of course I hope it isnt I'd rather not but
another grand into the car right now but any input is

Thanks in advance,
Dave Pianka

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