Low oil pressure 200 20V

DasWolfen at aol.com DasWolfen at aol.com
Mon May 5 17:44:57 EDT 2003

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 I'll try this another way.

 If you see a pressure reading that you know is not normal for your car then
you have a problem. It may be a sensor issue, it may be more serious. If you
ignore that low reading and it turns out to be something serious then you
will pay the price eventually.

 Now since you dont drive my car, or most of the cars represented on this
list you have no point of reference on what each car's normal pressure
reading is. You don't know if a previous owner has defeated the pressure
switches and the gauge is the only indication of problems. What you do know
is how the car rolled out of the factory 12/13 years ago, and not one thing
about it since. So in effect your DFI if IAB doesn't effect any car but
your's. In fact it could lead to an owner ignoring a real problem, if he were
to take your word. Wanna see what can happen to an Audi head and camshaft
when you ignore warning signs? I''ll even pay the shipping so you can use it
as a paperweight. The point being that ignoring oil warnings, of any type, is
a bad idea. Sure it could be just a gauge or switch problem, but what if its

 We agree that aluminum makes a perfectly suitable cam bearing. Lets call
around and see if we can find any replacement 20v cam bearings. No? how about
10v?, 12v? 30v?, 32v? 40v? Hmmm, it seems that the cam bearings in Audi
engines are not replacable. Could it be that they are part of the head? Maybe
a cam support cast into the head with matching cap and machined to act as a
bearing? If I'm wrong please post the part # of the replacement cam bearings.
If you can't supply that number how about a cost estimate for repairing 20v
head thats destroyed a few of those bearing areas......and dont forget to add
in the cost of a replacement camshaft.

 You and I are part of a group that could probably pick up on oil problems
just by sound. Try to remind yourself that there are many on this list who
are probably not that experienced. In that light many of your posts are not
helpful and make more than a few people frustrated.


ps: I'll be sure and forward your condolences to JR.

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