Low oil pressure 200 20V

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Mon May 5 15:10:54 EDT 2003

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Now you've limited your cam journals subject to replacable bearing shells.
Go down the list of all cars on the market and find two that use replacable
shells in this app.  Obviously not cost effective, but I'm sorry for your

I'll chalk you up as one, and so far the only vote that would prefer that I
post less and with more mundane stuff, like:  "Who was that in the green 200
that I saw going South on Route 69?"  Chime in Guys!  What's of interest?

I'm sure that JR will have a good laugh, if you forward your statements to
which I responded.


From: DasWolfen at aol.com


We agree that aluminum makes a perfectly suitable cam bearing. Lets call
around and see if we can find any replacement 20v cam bearings. No? how
about 10v?, 12v? 30v?, 32v? 40v? Hmmm, it seems that the cam bearings in
Audi engines are not replacable. Could it be that they are part of the head?
Maybe a cam support cast into the head with matching cap and machined to act
as a bearing? If I'm wrong please post the part # of the replacement cam
bearings. If you can't supply that number how about a cost estimate for
repairing 20v head thats destroyed a few of those bearing areas......and
dont forget to add in the cost of a replacement camshaft.

You and I are part of a group that could probably pick up on oil problems
just by sound. Try to remind yourself that there are many on this list who
are probably not that experienced. In that light many of your posts are not
helpful and make more than a few people frustrated.


ps: I'll be sure and forward your condolences to JR.


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