rear springs for sale

C1J1Miller at C1J1Miller at
Mon May 5 19:06:20 EDT 2003

I've got two sets of rear springs for sale.

First set is from a '92 S4 (sports type suspension).
They have 1 yellow and 3 blue paint markings.

Second set are rear H&R V8 springs 29921, listed as 1.3" drop, 330 #/inch.

Both sets are used; both do not come with front springs.
H&R have the paint worn a bit between where the dead springs sit; no pitting,
good shape.

I'm taking theV8 springs off my car and installing a set of eibachs (for the
200q20v, long discontinued).

Also have a good set  (F/R) of 200q20v springs available, if interested.  If
I don't get a good offer for each, they'll go on the marketplace etc.;
figured I would give you guys first crack at them.

Chris Miller, Bolton MA USA, c1j1miller at
'91 200q20v ==>

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