What happens after 1.5bar?

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon May 5 22:25:27 EDT 2003

At 3:39 PM -0400 5/5/03, Sullivan, Alan wrote:

>This clamp is a pain to get to.  However, you can verify the problem by
>getting under the front of the car and pulling on the metal inlet pipe to
>see if it moves separately from the intercooler.  If the pipe moves, it's
>the clamp.

If the pipe moves, you're missing the bolt that holds the pipe up
against the intercooler, and that's probably part of your problem.
Rewove the grill(upper and lower metal trim, then 3 screws or so) and
you'll see the bolt.

That pipe should NOT move.  Neither should the intercooler.

The o-ring is a few dollars and should be replaced any time you're in
there- that joint is a well known problem area...a real asinine
design, IMHO.

There is simply no substitute for pressurizing the whole system- even
a few pounds of pressure will immediately show most leaks.  The
bottom of a 1 cup rubbermaid container fits the hose coming off the
MAF sensor perfectly, and I simply drilled a hole in the bottom and
installed a compressor quick-disconnect fitting.  Just keep it under
1.8 bar on a stock ECU, and watch out for the dipstick, it'll pop out
if you get the pressure high enough(because you're pressurizing the
crankcase as well.)

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