More Parking Brake Adjustment

Steve Sherman spsherm at
Mon May 5 23:46:42 EDT 2003

Went under the car this weekend, to see what might be up with the PB
that still did not hold after a shop replaced the rear pads and rotors.
 Checked both calipers while someone else worked the PB lever.  Both
caliper mechanisms moved smoothly about 3/8-1/2" motion (guestimate) at
the cable connect, and returned to the stop smoothly.  Did not see any
signs of binding.  So unless the cables are stretching, the cable system
seems ok.

My question is can someone tell me how much motion there is supposed to
be at the caliper with full motion of the PB lever?

 If what I saw is right, then it may just be that the pistons were
turned in too far and need some time to move into adjustment?  The PB
has been gripping better than before, though still not great.  Any
special sequence that will cause the pistons to ratchet out more quickly?


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