Champion M.sports RS6 @ LRP, Memorial Day weekend

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Tue May 6 16:48:10 EDT 2003

Folks- the NEQ is again hosting a hospitality tent at the Memorial
Day races at Lime Rock Park in northwest Connecticut.  Like last
year(with Derek Bell and Michael Gallati in their S4s), Audi has
strong representation in the form of a pair of RS6s being raced by
Champion Motorsports drivers Michael Gallati and Randy Pobst.  Stasis
Engineering's Paul Lambert(qclub member!) will also be racing his 12v
A4 in the touring car group, I believe.

To see more information about the event:

Form for tickets:

It is understood that the tickets have a large $ figure on
'em(tickets are more expensive this year, since we do not have ACNA
chipping in)...but this is not a money-maker for the club; you're
looking at at-cost prices.  Your pass, weekend or monday-only, gets
you into the paddock, as well as the use of our large tent all
weekend.  On monday, you'll have television monitoring of the races
and a hot lunch.  Our tent is in a slightly better location this
year- we've got a much better view of the main straight and
paddock(don't worry, you can still see all the action in Big Bend
etc!), with our tent shifted towards the paddock a bit. I believe
there's also a signing session with the Champion Motorsports drivers
monday; last year Bell and Galatti joined us briefly for lunch, posed
for photos, signed items, and chatted with club members.  Last year
we also had one of their spare cars parked right next to our tent for
people to get up close and personal with to check out, and we raffled
off(for charity) a parade lap ride in the S4's.

The region needs your help- please get the word out to other mailing
lists/webboards, we need ticket sales ASAP.  Anyone is welcome to
call/email me if they have any questions; if there are any Audi
clubs/groups that would like to purchase a group of tickets, we'd be
happy to work with you(no discounts though, since we're already

If you need lodging, don't be afraid to go 20-30 mi out from LRP
either west or east- prices drop considerably and the roads in that
area are a ton of fun(anyone else amazed some of those roads have
50+mph speed limits?)

Brett Dikeman						brett at
Social Events Coordinator				508-358-5905 before 9pm
Northeast Region
Audi Car Club of North America/Quattro Club USA

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