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Reading thru this thread myself, I'll add 2 cents. I've had the cc's on both heads cked and found them to be identical (or close to it before "ccing" the head). ~35cc +/- IMS.

IMU that the 3B and the 7a heads are interchangeable with cams and ancillaries.  WRT block differences, the pistons are different between the 2 blocks, but I can't recall if that was (I suspect so) a wrist pin location change or actually divoted pistons in the 3B.


Scott Justusson
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> Or, the 7a head could have been milled, unlikely, but.... Do you know the
> history of that head?
> Bruce
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> Sure, you always need to back up info..the one thing that concerns me, the
> original compression differences that he listed and attributed to the head
> cc are exactly the differences that I know are made up for in the
> pistons...thus, I'd suspect that he has not measured and is
> making
> assumptions, but that's _my_ assumption, so there you go  =)
> Thanks,
> Javad

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