[audi20v] Re: Make your 20v a 20vt...

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Wed May 7 22:09:23 EDT 2003

If you have unlimited access to the shop equipment, all you need is a 3B/AAN
head to generate the conversion drawing.  Go for it!  The 20Vers of all 3
lists will be forever indebted.


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> The 10vt oil filter bracket would work too.  Pick one up at a yard, along
> with the K26 or K24 thats on the MC1 or 2 you got the bracket from, oil
> cooler and lines of the same car, pretty cheap...
> I don't know if I'd trust a "super thick" copper gasket.  I'd imagine it
> would tend to leak (even if you used an o-ring and ran head studs).  I'd
> rather just run different pistons, or see if the 7A pistons can be infact
> machined down (safely) to resemble the 3B/AAN/etc pistons.  If 7A pistons can
> infact be machined down (I'll stick them in Pro/E and run them through
> Pro/Mech when I get a chance this summer), I may machine a set this fall, and
> see if I can't machine one of the 7A heads I have to accept the 20vt water
> manifold.  Having "unlimited" access to CNC 4-axis mills and CNC lathes is
> nice...
> -Eric F.
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