H4 Eurolite Details

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> However, the seller didn't tell me the sidelight would be significantly
> different.  It wraps around instead of just fitting against the outer edge
> like the original.  So I can't use original sidelights with the E-lights
> because there's an inch or more gap and nothing to anchor the original
> sidelights to.

not to be snooty, but maybe the seller figured that most everyone knows that
the NA corner lights are for the NA headlights only..   its rather obvious
that theyre different and most listers have seen a '86 up NA type44 by now ..
 but at any rate - if i were you - i'd order a set of those clear NA corner
lights that Importvision.com sells.. they look really cool and better than
those big UGLY orange NA corner lights.   would give your car a clean look,
similar to the clear corner reflectors on the turbo eurolights.  too bad the
turbo eurolights didnt have a corner light.   in retrospect, if i had to do
it again - i would order a set of NA euros (importvision sells them too)
theyre way less expensive than the turbo ones, and get a set of clear
'86 5kT w/ euros

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