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I think that you don't have the interface between the H2O manifold and the
3B head quite right.

The large port in the 3B head is identical to the 7A outlet port, both the
trangular hole and the 3 mounting bolt points.  The 7A outlet casting bolts
over this hole with a face sealing gasket.  The 3B water manifold portion
covering this hole contains a face sealing O-ring inset in the manifold
flange, no gasket necessary.  No machining is necessary at this point on the
3B head, The manifold fits right up to it.  Further, measurements for the
maching of the other 3 holes and hold downs should be referenced from the
common 7A/3B's three mounting bolt holes, a ref. zero selected at the
midpoint between the twoin line holes for min error.

The 3 holes (+ hold down bolt holes) required to be machined in the 7A head
to accept the manifold use radially sealing O-rings contained in grooves on
the manifold ends that insert into these new holes.  Hard to picture in
words, but these 3 manifold ends do not face seal to the head, as it does to
the large triangular 7A port.

Confusion is in order, a bird in hand - - -.


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> I bet I get a bounce from the 200 list...
> Anyway, I'd be willing to do so if I had a 351N head along side the 351B
> heads I have (last three digits + suffix of the 3B and 7A heads if you were
> wondering).  I checked the fishy to see what the gasket/seals looked like in
> hopes that the 351N used a single (joined) gasket for the four ports on the
> water manifold.  It doesn't, three o-rings and a triangular gasket.  Having
> the manifold itself would be of some benefit, as I could atleast start coding
> the CNC machine (lack of origin point however).  Maybe, just maybe, I could
> get it positioned correctly on the 351B, or to a point that it would work.
> Only problem I can foresee is that of the 351B's single point water manifold.
> It may be in the way and of the wrong diam (too large?) and wrong bolt
> pattern.  I guess I could always weld the bolt holes since there'd have to be
> drilling and tapping going on anyway.  Not sure what to do if that port is
> too large (interference fit alum. sleeve?).
> Rambling...sorry...Back to studying for my Fluids final...
> -Eric F.

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