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You'll see what needs to be done when you get the parts in front of you.
But here's a heads up--the water manifold has three circular "male" ends
that are actually inserted into the head, press fit, with rubber o-rings to
make sure it seals.  Very tight tolerances.  It's not just a hole in the
water jacket with a gasket b/w the head and water manifold.  One hole off by
a millimeter will keep the water manifold from fitting.

Just a little bit of info.....


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> I bet I get a bounce from the 200 list...
> Anyway, I'd be willing to do so if I had a 351N head along side the 351B
> heads I have (last three digits + suffix of the 3B and 7A heads if you
> wondering).  I checked the fishy to see what the gasket/seals looked like
> hopes that the 351N used a single (joined) gasket for the four ports on
> water manifold.  It doesn't, three o-rings and a triangular gasket.
> the manifold itself would be of some benefit, as I could atleast start
> the CNC machine (lack of origin point however).  Maybe, just maybe, I
> get it positioned correctly on the 351B, or to a point that it would work.
> Only problem I can foresee is that of the 351B's single point water
>  It may be in the way and of the wrong diam (too large?) and wrong bolt
> pattern.  I guess I could always weld the bolt holes since there'd have to
> drilling and tapping going on anyway.  Not sure what to do if that port is
> too large (interference fit alum. sleeve?).
> Rambling...sorry...Back to studying for my Fluids final...
> -Eric F.
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