ben swann benswann at comcast.net
Thu May 8 17:41:08 EDT 2003

I never received an answer regarding being able to run
diagnostics/checking for stored codes on the 200 20V tq with 3B
engine.  I referenced Audi service manual/Bentley as well as SJM site
and the information seems ambigous or incomplete.  I wanted to check
for stored codes without using a ROSS/VAG-COM or VAG 1551 or equivalent.

I was just trying to make up a rudimentary harness to run diags using
the connectors under the dash.  There are 3 connectors Black,
LightBrown, and BLUE.  SJM site says BLue connector not used, but
picture shows three connectors.

Section D2-20-1 in Bently shows Dark connector red wire(+) --LED--
resistor---Br/G wire(from control unit) and switched wire returning to
the Br wire(-).  I see this as possibly a short circuit between + and -
  Is that what is supposed to happen - and only 2 wires are used?

Is this the same way to initiate diags on the 3B as well? I don't want
to blow anything out.

Any other helpful tips/BTDT on gathering information on the state of
the systems would be most helpful.  This may be rhetorical, but I would
like to get an analyzer - what is available for not much $$$?


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