Need assistance...

David Head v8q at
Thu May 8 18:08:27 EDT 2003

We're trying to prep to replace the injector o-rings on Shawn's 91 V8 as
this is the source of his vacuum leak/stalling problem. I discussed the
procedure with Keith Tackett and my local Audi tech. They both say it is
normal to break the plastic injector cap (80-90% of the time) while
attempting to pop the injectors out.
The problem is, I believe the part number in ETKA is wrong. The PN
listed is 030 198 031. A few problems with this - first, it lists as
quantity 6 under the pn, when it should be 8,. Second, it crosses to a
Bosch number of 1 287 010 704 which is supposedly for the 20V Hitachi
injectors and VW digifant. Keith sez the 20V injector cap and the V8 are
definitely not the same. The hole is smaller for the 20V... I couldn't
find a PN for the same renew kit for the 20V on ETKA...
We really want to get the parts on hand (or at the very least, a source
for them!) before tearing into this thing to reduce downtime.

Has anyone replaced these injector caps on a V8? Where did you source
the parts?

The only other idea (thanks to Pete at Double Z) would be to talk with
some of the injector rebuilder/balancers out there, as I imagine this
would be an 'on hand' part for them... Anyone have a good relationship
with any you would recommend? Compounding this is its a very inexpensive
part, so its not like they're gonna make a lot of money off me...


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