Make your 20v a 20vt...

auditude at auditude at
Thu May 8 18:08:48 EDT 2003

"Lotsaparts" on Ebay, aka Ben Howell, told me that there was a guy in Colorado that "converted 20v n/a heads to 20v turbo all day long" or something to that effect.

When I asked for either the dudes name or the name of the shop that did the work, my emails were unanswered.  Maybe someone who's emails he would answer could ask him again.

I guess worst case, someone could make some kind of nasty custom water manifold using fittings and such.

I still want to do this.  Even if I someday pull the head off my 200q20v to measure and machine my 7A head in this fashion, I don't know who around here I'd trust to throw the chips.

Also, I'm looking for a water manifold if anyone can hook me up, please.


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