20vt Header

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Thu May 8 22:28:28 EDT 2003

None taken, good point.
Because I am hoping it will cost me less, and two, it will surely flow
better (or so I hope).
Obviously I will have to get it flow tested (another software) and then
installed on my car before I ofer it for sale to anyone.
I want to see if there is any interest in a direct fit header as opposed to
many others out there that need other custom stuff to make them fit.

Martin Pajak


1983 Audi Ur-quattro (289,000 km) Canadian spec. winter car
1985 Audi Ur-quattro (166,000 km) Euro spec. import ;o)

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> Martin,
> Why reinvent the wheel?  Your header looks just like an RS2 exhaust
> manifold.  Unless you can make and sell it for significantly less than
> the RS2 manifold, why bother?  No offense intended...
> Steve

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