Front end noise

ben swann benswann at
Fri May 9 00:06:18 EDT 2003

Sounds like the same problem I described happening on mine.  The noise
volume comes and goes, but is always there.

Since you describe yours happening more when turning right vs. mine
when bearing to the left, I would put odds on the left wheel bearing.
Mine I think is the right one.

Unless, there is something else that produces this kind of noise than
the bearings.  Sounds kind of like an airplane, and on some surfaces
like a helicopter, no?


[Hey guys, my 200 has a moderate roaring noise from the front end.
Heard when driving  straight ahead at any speed, louder at some speeds,
worse when turning right, less or none when turning left, no change
when depressing clutch and letting the car coast. I've changed the left
wheel change. CV boots intact.  Any ideas or BTDT before I
change the right wheel bearing. FWWIW, the car has recently been
lowered with H&R's and added SS brake lines. I did not notice it right
after lowering.

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA 122k mi.]

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