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Fri May 9 00:33:13 EDT 2003

At 10:39 PM -0400 5/8/03, ben swann wrote:
>That is exactly what I am  wiring up.
>I am wiring per SJM picture with three connectors - but what are the
>connector colors/order.  The picture seems to indicate a black on left,
>brown in middle and white on right.  So where's the blue?  and
>shouldn't there be either a brown or a white, but not both?

If you're referring to this diagram
I would assume it's black on left, brown (or white) in middle, and
blue on right. Is that the order you see in your car? I recall simply
wiring mine up acording to Scot's diagram. Unfortunately his diagram
omits color labelling for the left and righthand connectors, but why
not assume they're the colors he indicates in the caption (above the
diagram)? That's also the way the connectors show in the photo seen
by scrolling up a ways from that diagram.

Check out that your setup functions correctly before hard-wiring.
I've never heard of ECU damage caused by mis-wiring, although I can
understand your concern.


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