Parking Brake Cable Adjust

Sun May 11 16:49:40 EDT 2003

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TIA,I, too, was having problems with the EM brake holding adequately. I rea=
d all the posts and figured I'd have to at least drop the shield below the =
driveshaft (if not the driveshaft) to get to the adjusting nut in order to =
adjust the brake cables (tighter). However, when looking through the Bentle=
y, it told me to "Always check rear brake basic setting before adjusting pa=
rking brake". I followed the fairly simple procedure (it took a few minutes=
 to find the "brake pressure regulator and spring" and something to substit=
ute for the "6mm drill bit") and "voila"!!  the parking brake worked perfec=
tly! The car even seemed to stop better during the test drive.  FWIW,Dan Fo=

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