Parking Brake Cable Adjust

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Mon May 12 11:38:37 EDT 2003

At 3:49 PM -0700 5/11/03, DANIEL FORBING wrote:
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>TIA,I, too, was having problems with the EM brake holding
>adequately. I read all the posts and figured I'd have to at least
>drop the shield below the driveshaft (if not the driveshaft) to get
>to the adjusting nut in order to adjust the brake cables (tighter).
>However, when looking through the Bentley, it told me to "Always
>check rear brake basic setting before adjusting parking brake". I
>followed the fairly simple procedure (it took a few minutes to find
>the "brake pressure regulator and spring" and something to
>substitute for the "6mm drill bit") and "voila"!!  the parking brake
>worked perfectly!

And you didn't touch anything else? The brake pressure regulator
affects the proportioning of the brake *hydraulic* system (front vs.
rear), and so I wouldn't have expected its setting to affect the
parking brake function, which is basically non-hydraulic. I would
have assumed the warning to "Always check rear brake basic setting
before adjusting parking brake" has to do with making certain that
the brake cable (or the parking brake's internal mechanism) was
operating freely, i.e., not frozen. I wonder--is it possible that the
proportioning valve  becomes plugged such that the parking brake
action is restricted by trapped fluid? If so, your checking its
setting may have dislodged whatever was causing an internal
obstruction (??)


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