Parking Brake Cable Adjust

Mon May 12 21:09:55 EDT 2003

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Phil, The ebrake mechanism must index with the brake piston when the pedal =
is pushed after the basic setting (?) Anyway, on returning from a short tri=
p Sunday night I smelled hot brake material and, sure enough, I had been dr=
agging the rear pads around. Tonite I was able to get back under the car to=
 find that the cams were not totally returning to their stops. I worked the=
m back and forth with WD-40 and a bar without much success. Next I'll try t=
he Ford springs and then either rebuild or buy new calipers. In the meantim=
e the crowbar and flashlight will go into the trunk in case I actually need=
 to set the ebrake here in fairly flat Northertn Indiana. Thanks to you and=
 the other listers for the help. Dan Forbing

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