Parking Brake Cable Adjust

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You should do the following at a minimum:

Car wheel chocked,  jack up and support the rear of the car, remove wheel.
Carefully remove the return spring from the caliper with pliers.
remove the 10 mm spring retaining bolt from the calipers.
Using a flat bladed screw driver, carefully work the ebrake mechanism away from the caliper so that about a 1/2 inch of the shaft is exposed
clean and polish the shaft with emory paper, and then either work some rust penetrant (PB Blaster, Wuerth Rost off, Kroil,) etc into the mechanism.
let dry
work the cam mechanism back and forth to the stops
put some high temp, caliper grease on the shaft and push it back into the caliper.
at this point the mechanism has probably extended the caliper mechanism , so you may have to remove the caliper from the carrier
(two 13mm caliper slider bolts with thin 15mm nuts ( either use a 15mm bicycle cone wrench, thin open ended wrench, or grind down a cheap one)
support the caliper body use wire, zip tie, etc from the spring or strut (DO NOT LET IT HANG ONLY BY THE BRAKE HOSE)
remove the caliper and pads from the carrier, turn the caliper piston clockwise to retract it into the caliper.

Reassembly is reverse of removal.

This is only a stop gap prior to completely rebuilding (really just cleaning and regreasing) the caliper and ebrake mechanism.


ps> internal caliper components can be seen at:

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>Phil, The ebrake mechanism must index with the brake piston when the pedal is pushed after the basic setting (?) Anyway, on returning from a short trip Sunday night I smelled hot brake material and, sure enough, I had been dragging the rear pads around. Tonite I was able to get back under the car to find that the cams were not totally returning to their stops. I worked them back and forth with WD-40 and a bar without much success. Next I'll try the Ford springs and then either rebuild or buy new calipers. In the meantime the crowbar and flashlight will go into the trunk in case I actually need to set the ebrake here in fairly flat Northertn Indiana. Thanks to you and the other listers for the help. Dan Forbing
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