re. Front end noise

ben swann benswann at
Tue May 13 13:42:34 EDT 2003

After doing the front brakes on mine yesterday and finding the abysmal
state of the rotors, I am now suspecting that over bearings, or at
least a major contributor to the noise.


[Mine is making a noise when applying power  - sounds related to wheel
speed.  No sound when coasting. CV joint was my first thought but it
checks out good. I would think wheel bearing or tire would always make
the noise. Noisevery noticeable at freeway speeds. Occasional vibration
in the steering wheel also. Any ideas?

mike miller]

[> Sounds like the same problem I described happening on mine.  The
noise> volume comes and goes, but is always there.
> Since you describe yours happening more when turning right vs. mine
> when bearing to the left, I would put odds on the left wheel bearing.
> Mine I think is the right one.
> Unless, there is something else that produces this kind of noise than
> the bearings.  Sounds kind of like an airplane, and on some surfaces
> like a helicopter, no?
> Ben]

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