Radio Upgrade

Peter Petersen pwpetersen at
Tue May 13 13:05:48 EDT 2003

Well its been a while since I posted but its time to upgrade the
radio/speakers, and hopefully there is some advice, lets make that good
advice, out there.

The stock bose system is just worn out, and this is the second head

So, are there any instructions or btdt's on anyones page?

I'm looking at component speakers for the door and tweeters mounted
somewhere down on the kick panels.  Can the Bose door enclosure accept a
5.25" speaker?

Also, I'll probably but the amp under the back seat.  Its not the best
for wiring, but it’s the only open space around.  Has anyone
successfully mounted a small amp anywhere under the dash?

Has anyone done a subwoofer installation that didn't eat up too much
trunk space?

Any help/referrals etc. greatly appreciated.


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