Radio Upgrade

Charles Baer charlie at
Tue May 13 14:32:33 EDT 2003

Life sucks when your Gamma/Delta/Blose is acting up, good thing I
didn't have the men in white coats come for me this morning ;-)

> So, are there any instructions or btdt's on anyones page?

Never put time (or had the urge) to put up any pages, but I've
been doing my own installs forever, I've seen/fixed a great many
so-called professional installs...scary.  I concede that there are
good installers... somewhere ... amazing at the bad run of luck had
by people I know.

> I'm looking at component speakers for the door and tweeters mounted
> somewhere down on the kick panels.  Can the Bose door
> enclosure accept a
> 5.25" speaker?

I'm assuming a sedan since you mention the trunk farther on.  I'm
not sure but I think the front blose housings are 4", I've been
able to find very good drivers in that size in the past.  Since you
are planning a sub you have more ways to go.  Angled surface mounts
have let me place tweets where the phase works but they don't stick
out where they'll get ripped off by a knee.

> Also, I'll probably but the amp under the back seat.  Its not the best
> for wiring, but it’s the only open space around.  Has anyone
> successfully mounted a small amp anywhere under the dash?

Donah doit.  You're better off hanging them high in the trunk behind
the seat back instead of defeating the heatsinks and having them cook
themselves to death in the land of no airflow.  There is a nice little
space behind the glovebox where an appropriately shaped amp would fit.

> Has anyone done a subwoofer installation that didn't eat up too much
> trunk space?

Nope, but as close to the corners as the rears live, I'd make some
vertical enclosures going down the dihedral and maybe even ported
at the bottom into the trunk.  Kind of a fake inifinite baffle using
the trunk space, as long as it didn't bleed back up throught the deck.
Something like that would only eat up the less usable corner space,
and leave the top center available for amp mounting.

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