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Phil, it is a pain in the but job, but I'll try to give BTDT advice that
should make it easier. I don't have Etka but I think you have to correct
part. The front end of the cable, where the sleeve ends and the bare cable
comes out, goes through a bracket in the tunnel. The clip slides over a slot
in the cable sleeve and prevents the sleeve from pulling out of the bracket.
So if you happen to damage the clip or break it, with the rusted part stuck
in that slot, you can't pull the cable out of the bracket. Spray rust lube
on the clip, try to work it loose, maybe tapping gently and try to use a
scribe with 90 degree end or maybe a coat hanger bent 90 degree to grab the
clip and pull. Once you see the clip, you will see what I mean.
    Other things. There is  a metal loop with a screw that attaches the
cable to the tunnel side. This may be the bracket referred to.
    I disconnected the rear of the drive shaft for a little extra room to
work. I got it done without doing this on the S4, but not the 200. It is
tight working quarters. Also, using a dremel, I cut the very front of the
cable, where it attaches to the handbrake T puller. It is not too hard to
get the new cable over this T, but very difficult to get it off without
cutting it.
    Other than that, it is a piece of cake!!  Cables are available from
aftermarket.  Good Luck


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> Gary,
> Etka shows the following parts (presumably located in the tunnel):
> N 020 620 1    clip    D1-13x15  (qty 1)   Is that what you mean? But
> why is there only one?
> Also shows:
> 431 609 735   bracket         (qty 2)
> Over the years I've avoided  replacing my cables because I've read
> many reports about how messy the job is; OTOH replacing the calipers
> was a snap (although ineffective). :(
> Phil
> >And if you do decide to change it, there is a retaining clip and housing
> >that the cable runs through on the side of the tunnel. This clip most
> >will be rusted and a bitch to get out. I recommend buying a new one
> >you start, so you get an idea of how to go about removing it.
> >
> >Gary
> >
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> >>  I'd also recommend checking the brake cable. Remove it from the
> >>  actuating arm and see how easily it moves.  On both my 94 S4 and on
> >200,
> >>  the brake cables on the right side (passenger) needed replacing. IIRC
> >>  outer cable housings were broken near or under the cable support near
> >>  back end where they make a 90 degree bend. That along with the
> >>  on the actuating arm solved the problem.
> >>
> >>  Gary Martin
> >>  94 UrS4
> >>  91 200 TQA
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> >>  > That may do it, although I'd  recommend you first verify that the
> >>  > brake cables are in good condition.
> >>
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