Avant antenna Amp

Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Wed May 14 13:52:03 EDT 2003

Can you tell me the location of the amp in the avnat?  That didn't come
through so clearly in the Bentley.  Also noticing that the front and rear
antenna are for the different bands, how do folks overcome that with a new
headunit that only has only one connection.  Also has any one just used a
regular antenna with a new headunit?

I was also suffering from this same problem. It was due to a failure of the
amplifier on the antenna. A replacement for just this amp can be sourced
antennaworld.com. I replaced the entire mast, mount and amp on mine last
It was a fairly simple procedure. The Bently is pretty clear on how to do
The only important thing to note is that the stock antenna mount, where it
enters the car, is square. The replacement mount is circular. I used a
amount of silcone to ensure that it doesn't leak.
>Since I acquired my Avant last October, the radio reception has been poor.
>No AM reception; FM only in metro areas, and the high and low FM
>frequencies are very faint.  Is this a no-brainer antenna problem?  Bad
>pigtail? Or mounting assembly also?
>'91 200 20v tqa, pearl, 104k
>'91 100 quattro, sedan, 194k
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