Bose amp repair

Brett Dikeman brett at
Fri May 16 14:08:20 EDT 2003

At 1:46 AM -0400 5/16/03, Huw Powell wrote:
>>Wishes: A better solder sucker. I might try some wick next time. I just
>>don't do enough work to justify a high end station with a vaccum pump.
>>Woulda cut the job time in half though...
>Get a "solderpult" from - about $20 I think, works
>real well, simple, cheap... sorry I don't have a part number handy...

There are three keys to getting a good pull.

a)heating the connection enough.  "Until it looks liquid" is not hot
enough- only the top has melted.  Count off how long you hold it
after the top has melted- increase by a second until you get
everything.  Start off at around 2 seconds.

b)speed.  Solder cools off very quickly- you've got to get in there fast

c)suction.  Gotta get the tip up close and personal.  If your solder
puller is good, the tip is high temperature plastic and will stand
being directly pressed against the iron etc.

None of the three, however, will take care of joints that have
corrosion on the component side- you'll get everything except the
corroded part.  It takes some careful bending/pulling/twisting to get
the component leg to break free- but you have to be extremely careful
to not pull the pad completely off the board.

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