Bose amp repair

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Fri May 16 16:17:25 EDT 2003

I've used the suction bulb before. What I liked better was the solder
wick. It is a copper braid that you get hot with the solder. It wicks
the solder right up. You can get the area pretty clean this way. It can
even wick solder out of a thru-hole (in a PC board). Several years ago,
I aquired a vacuum pump driven de-solering station. Pretty nice. I used
this on a couple of Mac-11c ECUs when installing a socket for the QLCC
chip. This is by far, the way to go. Barring that, go with the solder wick!


Derek Pulvino wrote:
> I was able to do it with a suction bulb type apparatus.  AGree with the big
> p.i.a. statement.
> Derek P
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>> Wishes: A better solder sucker. I might try some wick next time. I just
>> don't do enough work to justify a high end station with a vaccum pump.
>> Woulda cut the job time in half though...
> Get a "solderpult" from - about $20 I think, works
> real well, simple, cheap... sorry I don't have a part number handy...
> --
> Huw Powell
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